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Foot Orthotics

When patients seek care from our office, we evaluate the feet, ankles, knees and hips for the effects of foot pronation problems (flat feet) and for the opposite – supination problems (an overly pronounced arch). For example, many times a patient may appear to have a reasonable arch yet if that arch has decreased say by 20% over the last two decades, that patient still has a relative foot pronation problem based on the past support they had been accustomed to.  And if you have a standing job, the soft tissue structures supporting the arch of the foot will fatigue over time especially if you are standing on a hard surface or working on uneven terrain.   If these problems or related foot or lower leg problems are not corrected, all of the chiropractic adjustments, massage or pain medication in the world are not going to maintain stability and comfort.  Can you imagine taking your car in to get new tyres because you have noticed an abnormal wear pattern on the tyres only to purchase new tyres without getting a proper alignment? 

Because it is absolutely necessary to eliminate any structural problem affecting function; such as foot pronation/foot supination and structural leg length discrepancies in order to achieve musculoskeletal stability, we prescribe orthotics when necessary.  Our orthotics are designed to provide you with the proper foundation.  Even if you don’t have a diagnosed foot problem but have a job or engage in activities on hard surfaces or uneven terrain, you’ll benefit from our orthotics.

We can easily add additional support to our orthotics with specialised appliances to ensure a stable foundation for your musculoskeletal system. 

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