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Integrative Chiropractic

Integrative Chiropractic is different to traditional chiropractic.  Integrative Chiropractic is directed towards diagnosing and treating joint fixations in the context of a holistic approach. They are addressed with specific techniques in order to restore joint motion and muscle balance.

A quick look at Integrative Chiropractic

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Physical Therapies

Dry Needling

Correction of structural problems

Instrument Adjusting

Manual Manipulation

Traction Techniques


Stretching Techniques

Since chiropractic adjustments are one of the most specific ways to maintain joint play movement, I highly encourage regular chiropractic maintenance.  In fact, one of the biggest benefits you receive when getting adjusted regularly is interrupting patterns of joint fixations (loss of that joint play springy movement) which if left untreated will ultimately result in the process of joint degeneration – not to mention the effects on your nervous system.  And most of the time (70 to 80% of the time) a low force technique can accomplish this, however, there are occasions when a traditional manual manipulation will be more effective.  This is especially true if the joint capsule has locked down the joint.  In this situation, a manual adjustment is highly effective at stretching out the joint capsule.  However, as we age and accumulate joint degeneration, I find low force techniques can achieve the same results at a time when joint stability is a problem.

Physical therapies including trigger point therapy, stretching techniques, mobilisation procedures, fitness recommendations and targeted exercises are given for specific goals.  The aim is to achieve a range of motion and muscle balance that allows the patient to carry out all of their activities of daily living.

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Please note: Some services are not included as part of a
chiropractic treatment and cost extra, including, but not limited
to Functional Testing, foot orthotics
(including heel lifts & arch supports etc.) & nutritionals.

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