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Nutrigenomics is the science that uses your individual genetics and diet to help optimise your health. Specific food and supplement recommendations are used to affect your genetic expression and assist you at functioning at your genetic potential. Nutrigenomics is an invaluable tool which is part of medicine’s evolution towards being more precise.  It is an in-depth science that identifies how nutrients and foods affect the expression of genes that regulate body chemistry which may ultimately affect health outcomes.


In the past, dietary recommendations have been made based on agreed upon nutritional needs for a population as a whole.  Even worse, many people are influenced by popular science and jump on the band wagon of the latest food craze.  Whether it be the keto diet, the paleo diet, a low fat diet, a high protein diet, a high carbohydrate diet or a low carbohydrate diet, the common denominator is lack of specific individual needs in dietary recommendations.  The missing piece of the puzzle is your genetic variation. How you metabolize, fats, proteins and carbohydrates will determine which diet is best for you.


Nutrigenomics is leading the way in precision medicine.  It is looking at what happens in our cells when we eat, don’t eat, or eat too much.  It provides us with invaluable information in the areas of inflammation, detoxification, bone health, methylation (a type of DNA modification), fat metabolism, insulin sensitivity, reactive oxygens, estrogen metabolism and diet, as well as sport issues such as injury risk, power potential, recovery, endurance potential, peak training time and food responsiveness. Applied nutrigenomics is a valuable tool, providing the practitioner with more specific information to assist with food and supplement recommendations that help regulate genes. And as more nutrition related gene variants are identified, our recommendations can continually move towards becoming more and more specific. 

Our nutrigenomics procedure is simple.

1. We order your DNA test kit which will be sent to us by post within a few business days. You will receive a text message or call when it has arrived and is ready for pick up.

2. Upon receipt of the test kit you will provide a cheek swab or blood spot sample (depends on the kit type) following the instructions provided within the kit.

3. You will place the kit in the provided prepaid express post satchel and hand it over to your local Australia Post outlet.

4. We will receive your test results in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. In the meantime you will attend a long consult / appointment and provide us with a three to four day food diary and a copy of your most recent blood pathology report. (If the report is older than 12 months we require that you have new blood work done, this can be organised by your GP.)

5. A second long consult / appointment will be booked at our practice so that we may go over your results and provide you with actionable steps to help maximise your health potential.

We are starting to see many companies offering DNA testing, however, they don’t have access to your complete health history, your current eating patterns nor do they have access to your most recent blood biomarkers which can be invaluable in determining if a given gene is being expressed.  They certainly don’t have access to the many factors affecting you specifically.  Thus you’re left with just one piece of the health puzzle.  We will integrate and interpret your DNA information and provide you with actionable steps that may help you reach the beneficial health outcomes you’re looking for.  Research shows that a certain percentage of our genes vary.  These variations are what makes us unique.  That means we respond to the way we eat, drink and move differently.  Let us help you maximise your lifestyle and health.

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