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Nutritional Supplements

Whether your existing food intake just needs to be fine-tuned or you’re interested in next level nutrition through DNA testing (looking at the key enzymes), organic acid testing (an epigenetic test looking at nutritional deficiencies in specific biochemical pathways), Food Allergy Testing, or our Comprehensive Stool Analysis (looks at your microbiome, GI inflammatory markers and much more). Our nutritional supplement recommendations may assist you in your quest for better health.  We offer some of the finest quality nutraceuticals targeting specific deficiencies (and in the case of DNA analysis influencing specific gene variants).  Utilizing a three to five day food diary in conjunction with the elimination of potential food allergens is a good starting point to uncover potential nutrient deficiencies and excess. 

It is extremely important to rely on companies that have a reputation for ensuring quality control of their vitamin and nutraceutical products and are dedicated to strict manufacturing protocols to avoid any contamination.  We only supply products from companies that go that extra mile to ensure quality. 

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